Monday, April 25, 2011


During canvassing we have been helping residents to vote by collecting both postal vote forms and proxy vote forms, and delivering these to Medway Council before the closing dates for acceptance. It is too late to register for either now.

However we can still help residents to vote. We can arrange a lift to the polling stations for people on polling day - May 5th - and even take unused postal votes to the polling stations for you.

We shall be issuing reminders to vote both before polling day, and on the day itself.

Voting takes place at our three polling stations - Lordswood School, St. David's Church, and Shawstead House - between 7.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m.

Anything we can do to help please let us know.


Following complaints about anti-social behaviour in the Kestrel Shops area we contacted the police.

The police have promised "robust and ongoing action" to deal with this problem.

We shall be monitoring progress and working with both the police and Medway Council staff to ensure that residents can shop in peace at any time of the day or evening.


A busy time canvassing in Lordswood & Capstone for us both, with very encouraging results. So far there has been no real drop-off in our pledge base, so providing we can get people out to vote David and I should be set for another 4 years representing the Ward.

Surprisingly perhaps - but comforting - people have not been raising major issues with the council. In fact there is widespread satisfaction with what we have been doing.

Main recent Ward issues on which we have been focusing include successful work on the following:

Major 46-space extension to the car park at Luton Recreation Ground
New play area at Capstone Country Park
Refurbished play area at Ballens Road
Resurfaced road junctions at Capstone Road/ Ash Tree Lane, and Capstone Road/North
Dane Way
Resurfacing work at Bower Green
New youth shelter at Kestrel Shops

Ongoing has been the fight to protect Capstone Valley from development.

David and I will continue to work for our residents once the election is over, and look forward to the Conservatives continuing to run Medway Council