Friday, May 07, 2010


Lordswood & Capstone played its part in returning Chatham & Aylesford's first Conservative MP. Tracey Crouch was elected in the early hours of the morning of 7th May.

Alan Jarrett and David Wildey played their part in working tirelessly to help get Tracey elected, and the electors of Lordswood & Capstone turned out to pile their votes into the ward's three ballot boxes.

For the first time our ward has a MP who will be in touch with our constituents and help to champion the issues that concern people who live here.

We have worked with Tracey for 4 years leading up to the election, and know that she will do all she can make our area a better place.

With both of us as members of Medway's Conservative Cabinet, and now a new MP in Tracey Crouch, we have a high powered team to represent the interests of Lordswood & Capstone and all three of us look forward to improving the ward still further over the years ahead.

Well done Tracey