Monday, April 25, 2011


A busy time canvassing in Lordswood & Capstone for us both, with very encouraging results. So far there has been no real drop-off in our pledge base, so providing we can get people out to vote David and I should be set for another 4 years representing the Ward.

Surprisingly perhaps - but comforting - people have not been raising major issues with the council. In fact there is widespread satisfaction with what we have been doing.

Main recent Ward issues on which we have been focusing include successful work on the following:

Major 46-space extension to the car park at Luton Recreation Ground
New play area at Capstone Country Park
Refurbished play area at Ballens Road
Resurfaced road junctions at Capstone Road/ Ash Tree Lane, and Capstone Road/North
Dane Way
Resurfacing work at Bower Green
New youth shelter at Kestrel Shops

Ongoing has been the fight to protect Capstone Valley from development.

David and I will continue to work for our residents once the election is over, and look forward to the Conservatives continuing to run Medway Council


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